Friday, October 17, 2014

Reason For Recent "Queen Consolidated" Logo In GOTHAM

When executive producer Marc Guggenheim was asked by MTV News about the Easter egg"You know, it’s a great question!"   "The internet did point out to me the Queen Consolidated [logo] – or what looked like a Queen consolidated Easter egg. I’m still actually trying to find out how intentional that was. Let me just say the investigation is ongoing." 

Gotham producer Danny Cannon did have some answers, but they may disappoint you! "I gotta tell you, it was completely unintentional. Somebody spotted it in the cutting room, but we move so fast, we were like, ‘that’s cool, leave it in! don’t talk about it!’ We were stealing – the visual effects guys were stealing neon letters from other places, and that was one that worked. But it was unintentional." On The Dollmaker who recently made an appearance on Gotham after also being featured in Arrow "Well I think that is very clearly an example of not a crossover,"  "That was a completely different take on the Dollmaker character from the comics than we had last year. So that was a completely separate occurrence."

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