Monday, October 13, 2014

Jason Latour Talks SPIDER-GWEN's Villains and More

"The story of how Peter Parker (in our universe) actually died is a story that we may tell at some point," "But what you need to take away from that, is she feels responsible for having inspired him to become the Lizard. When she got her superpowers, she basically did what 616 Peter did, which is try to become famous, try to be on stage. So her being on stage inspired [her] Peter to try to be special, too. So he did this, became a super villain, they fought, and somehow, Peter died. So she feels responsible for Peter’s death."  "it’s also interesting because her dad is a cop, so now she’s a criminal. That mask, it is the literal grey area between her sense of justice and doing right by other people that her father would preach and instill in her as a kid, and this new and unique modern reality for her that he would have no concept of. So it’s her trying to merge those together, and being a hero is for herself."

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