Thursday, October 13, 2011

New DC Universe Classics at New York Comic Con

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New Batman Legacy Figures from Mattel at NYCC

Photos by Toyark

More 3.75 Avengers Toys

More 6 inch Avengers Toys

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More Star Wars figures coming in 2012

More Star Wars figures coming in 2012. Thanks to

Marvel Legends Wave 2 at New York Comic Con

De-GenerationX's Appearance Footage: Unaired From Dallas! is bringing you, the fan, the exclusive footage from DX's Appearance at the Smackdown taping on Tuesday Night in Dallas, TX. The footage can ber viewed here.

DC Direct Arkam City Figures at New York Comic Con

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Star Wars figure preview for 2012

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Series 5 Halo Reach Photos

McFarlane Toys has added new photos for their upcoming Halo: Reach Series 5 figures and vehicles. There is a ton of Images oftoys that hit stores in November.

So what do you guys think about series 5? Is it worth buying?
Leave your comments below.

The Avengers Coming To New York Comic Con!

The New York Comic Con has posted it's programming schedule and those making the trip will be happy to know Marvel Studios will be presenting new footage from The Avengers on Saturday October 15. The footage should be different from what was shown at D23 last month and once again special guests will be on hand. The footage will be screened in the IGN Theater between 6:30 and 7:30. If you would like more info on this years New York Comic Con you can get it here! Lucky Mofos! Here's hoping we get some more Avengers action for Wondercon next year!

Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Sep 29th!

As announced by the official battlefield site that the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Thursday, September 29th! Running until October 10th, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta is your chance to play the game early.
If you pre-order Battlefield 3 (PC digital download version) on Origin before September 25th, or if you have bought Medal of Honor: Limited Edition/Tier 1 Edition, you will get 48 hours early access to the Beta, meaning you can start playing Tuesday, September 27th.
For Xbox360 and Playstation 3, the Open Beta will be visible on the consoles' digital marketplaces under Battlefield 3. For PC, you need to install Origin and download the Open Beta from within the Origin application.
So are you guys going to download the beta? I know i am!

John Singleton Speaks On N.W.A. Film!

A few years back it was announced that Ice Cube was set to produce a film based on his days with the "Worlds Most Dangerous Group", N.W.A. Writers Andrea Berloff, S. Leigh Savidge, Alan Wenkus, and Matt Alvarez have all been involved with the screenplay but other than that news has been quiet on the project, that is until now. In an interview with The Playlist while promoting Abduction, John Singleton has said that he has been approached by Ice Cube to direct.
"I can't talk about it too prematurely about the stuff I'm doing because nothing has come to fruition yet, but Cube and I are talking about doing the N.W.A. story. The script is really, really good and so we're just figuring it out. New Line really wants to make it".
The project is also said to have the blessing of Eazy E's widow, Tomica Wright. She is also a producer on the project alongside Ice Cube. At this point I can't think of a better director for this film. Not just because of his past experience with "hood" movies but his friendship and long standing working relationship with Ice Cube make him the perfect candidate. What do you kids think?

Mattel Cancels 2012 Ghostbusters Subscription Plan

Mattel announced the following news in regards to their 2012 Ghostbusters subscription service today:

You know how much love the Matty team has for Ghostbusters, and although we were ready to support a subscription in 2012, sales were lower than we expected. We regret to announce that we have to cancel the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription. All 2012 orders will be promptly refunded. If you purchased a 2012 subscription, you should see the refund in your account within 5-7 business days of your refund being processed, depending on your bank. All 2011 subscriptions will continue to ship as scheduled.

Like you, we're disappointed that the subscription will be going away for 2012, but to show our appreciation for you fans who stepped up and bought a 2012 subscription, we're working on a "thank you" just for you. Stay tuned as we'll have something special coming for you in appreciation for your support.

Please know that the Ghostbusters line isn't over! To do right by all Ghostbusters fans, we're still moving forward with the previously announced figures for 2012 (Ready to Believe You Peter with Taxi Cab Ghost, The Rookie, Dana as Zuul) and a fourth figure in the fall, to be announced. These figures will be available at our regular monthly sales. Like our other lines, costs have risen since the brand was launched and the price of the 6" figures will increase to $22 each.

Now on to brighter news. In celebration of the boo bustin' boys' favorite time of the year, we're going to re-release some of your favorite figures during a special Ghostbusters Halloween sale. The sale will run from 10/17 through 10/31, and it's the perfect time to fill in any missing characters in your collection and stock up on favorites. But wait… yes, there's more! Not only will we have a great selection of characters, the October 17 sale will also bring the long-awaited Ghost Trap prop, plus the return of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Again, on behalf of the team, thanks for being a loyal fan. Long live the Ghostbusters!


P.S. Please know that all of the other subscriptions are 100% a done deal and there will be no other cancellations. 2012 is locked and loaded with plenty more awesome surprises and reveals for Power-Con and NYCC!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Liam Hemsworth Joins The Expendables!

Variety is reporting that Liam Hemsworth is the latest addition to the cast of The Expendables 2. No word on his role, or whether he will be a member of the The Expendables but he joins a cast that already includes Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Chuck Norris, and Jean Claude Van Damme. Hemsworth will next be seen in the highly anticiapated Hunger Games out March 2012. The Expendables 2 will start shooting next month in Bulgaria and is scheduled to be released August 17 2012. What do you kids think? Honestly, if they are trying to go a little younger with the casting they should have went with their rumored first choice, Taylor Lautner. He seems like a better fit for an action flick than Liam Hemsworth.

Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser is here!

Season 2 coming in October 16, 2011!What do you kids think?Let us know in the usual spot!!.....


Chris Evans on Possible Captain America 2 villain & more

In a recent interview with The Moviefone Blog Captain America star, Chris Evans, gave his opinion on Captain America 2's possible villain, MODOK.
'Captain America' screenwriter Christopher Markus is now saying he wants Peter Dinklage to play MODOK as the villain in the sequel. What's your opinion of that?
[Makes a face] I mean... Ugh... I don't know. I don't know. It sounds like... heh. Heh. I don't know. I don't know. The comic book world is so dangerous, you know what I mean? You say one thing and people -- they're ravenous -- they are very opinionated fans. But they're great fans. I mean, they're the reason we make these movies. I don't know. I get asked a lot of questions about Cap' sequels and villains and I just try to stay out of it.
If he's the writer of the movie, I guess he does not have the power to just do that if he wants?
Well, he has to run everything by Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel. And Kevin Feige is a huge comic book fan, so Feige is going to say, "Here are the things we want to touch upon. These are the relationships we want to build on, this is the villain. Like, Kevin Feige will give you the chess pieces and you have to kind of put them in place, you know what I mean?
So what do you guys think? Does MODOK still have a shot at appearing on film or is there no way that the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing will appear?

Batman: Arkham City: Series 1 Action Figures

Welcome to Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters, and insane criminal masterminds.

Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, it’s filled with the most murderous villains from DC Comics’ Batman universe. But Batman is ready to tackle it with all-new gadgets and his greatest—and most dangerous—allies. Which is good, because he’ll need all the help he can get for his journey into the darkest corners of Gotham.

Among those he’ll encounter:

Tim Drake battles crime as Robin, delivering punches (and signature quips) to aid in the Caped Crusader’s mission to shut down Arkham City.

In a nice new outfit, Harley Quinn has taken to the front lines to personally fulfill the Joker’s sickest wishes of mischief and mayhem. She’s not going to let anyone get in her way—least of all Batman.

Based on the upcoming blockbuster video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Rocksteady Studios, and licensed by DC Entertainment.

Batman - 6.75” h
Harley Quinn - 6.25” h
Robin - 6.5” h

On sale December 21, 2011
How awesome is that Batman?! Let us know what you think.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Atrocitus Maquette


With blood and rage of crimson red comes Atrocitus – in maquette form! From the hit Green Lantern animated series comes the powerful and vengeful Red Lantern, Atrocitus! Standing an impressive 8.25” high x 8” wide x 6” deep, no collection can be complete without this fearsome foe!

On sale May 23, 2012 * Statue * $125 US

What do you guys think about this awesome statue from the new Green Lantern series?

Check out what the Avengers video game might look like

let us know what you think

DC Universe Goes Free-To-Play

The rumors regarding DC Universe Online going free-to-play were in fact true. According to kotaku, as of October 1st, there will be no subscription fee necessary to play DC Universe Online for PC and PlayStation 3 gamers. Those who paid for lifetime subscriptions or continue to pay the $14.99 a month will receive legendary status, giving them more than 15 character slots, a much larger wallet, and free access to premium content including downloadable content as it inevitably comes. If you have subscribed in the past or spent at least $5 in game, you will be granted premium status giving a few more character slots, higher inventory availability, and larger wallet, as well. The free status level will receive current updates, allowed 2 character slots, and have the option to upgrade their access through micro-transactions. Many believe the "free-to-play" status marks the death of an MMO, but Sony has stated that this was just a business move and us, as gamers, along with Sony will see the benefits of free-to-play gaming.
What do you think of DC Universe Online going free-to-play? Let us know in the comments.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

COD Zombies: Phase 2 Video

Thanks to Call Of Duty Youtube Channel we have another video of the new zombies map packs.

So what do you guys think? Wish you could work here?

Leave your comments below.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Claudio Castagnoli Signs with WWE!

Claudio Castagnoli has changed his Twitter handle this morning to Antonio Cesaro and announced he is now a superstar for Florida Championship Wrestling. Castagnoli was formerly with Ring of Honor teaming with Chris Hero as the Kings of Wrestling. Below is a match with Castagnoli vs Ethan Page.

The Rock and John Cena Pairing at WWE Survivor Series!!

Check it out! A promotional poster from the Survivor Series from Madison Square Garden. This could be subject to change as all local advertisements are. The Rock and John Cena What do you guys think?

Television Series Based On Source Code In The Works!

According to the Hollywood Reporter it looks like CBS has hired Mark Gordon and LOST writer Steve Maeda to adapt a television series based on Duncan Jones' Source Code. For those of you that have not seen Source Code it followed a military soldier played by Jake Gyllenhaal who through the help of a top secret program could relive eight minutes of the recent past through another person's body in hopes that he can find details to prevent a future tragedy. Unfortunately it looks like the show will progress without the involvement of director Duncan Jones. Via his Twitter feed he has said "For those asking, I know not a sausage about the Source Code TV show. First time I heard about it was about 20 minutes ago....on Twitter" Good thing is the 'Source" material lends itself well to a television drama. Bad thing is without Duncan Jones' involvement not sure I'm interested. What do you kids think?

Deadshot in Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City director Sefton Hill and Paul Crocker, Lead Narrative Designer, talked about the game on GT.TV and revealed that Deadshot will also be a villain in the game, coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 18
An embedded version of the episode is not available, but you can watch it in full by clicking here.

Berbills Return in Thundercats in Upcoming Episode 9!

Thanks to we learned that it will be a few weeks till a new Thundercats episode, we can at least pass on the title of the next ep. Thundercats Episode 9 is titled "Berbils". That's right, the Ro-Bear Berbils look to be the focus of the next episode.
What you guys think? Excited for those adorable Ro-Bear Berbills to return? I AM!!!

Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine Xbox 360 Gameplay Trailer

Thanks to Machinimas Youtube Channel we have Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Gameplay Footage.

We only been seeing PC footage but finally we see some console footage and it looks great.

So what you guys think? Worth buying it for Xbox 360?

Leave your comments below.

Jason Statham Not Interested In Any "Fairy-Like" Superhero Roles!

He's been linked to roles in both , but the British actor has now made it clear that a tights and cape just aren't for him. In an interview with The Guardian, Jason clearly distanced himself from any superhero roles, despite being rumored to be in the upcoming Daredevil reboot and a fourth Transformers movie. It seems he's happy with the likes of The Expendables and Killer Elite.
"Me in a cape? I don’t fancy that. Tight tights? Nah! I don’t think that’s right for me. I just respond more to true stories, that’s my flavor. […] I dunno. Luckily, I get to play some good bits that make people think I’m tough. Who knows! Ha ha ha! I just gravitate to those more testosterone-filled sort of parts than me playing something a bit more fairy-like."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Elodie Yung Up For Jinx in G.I. Joe 2?

Casting continues on Paramount Pictures' untitled G.I. Joe sequel. Following a report earlier this week that Dwayne Johnson is likely to join the cast comes, via The Hollywood Reporter, word that Elodie Yung is likely as well.

Yung, a French actress best known for her role in District 13: Ultimatum, would play Jinx, a ninja that joins the Joes. The actress will also soon appear in David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The entire cast of the original 2009 G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra is not slated to return, but Channing Tatum is expected to return as Duke, as is Ray Park in the role of Snake Eyes.

Though the specifics may differ in the film version, details of Jinx can be found on her original action figure file card, pictured below (courtesy of