Thursday, October 9, 2014

Archie Meets Predator

Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics are combining two popular franchises for Archie Meets Predator, a four-issue series coming in spring 2015 by writer Alex de Campi (Grindhouse) that puts Archie and the gang in the alien hunter's sights while they're on spring break in Costa Rica.
The beach vacation comes unexpectedly after Jughead wins a prize from a lucky bag of chips, and Betty and Veronica make the most of the sunny weather by competing in a "best-dressed" contest.
"After Betty is revealed to be borrowing Cheryl Blossom's clothes to compete, she and Veronica have a fight and she tearfully runs off into the jungle where, let's say, she isn't alone," de Campi says.
Everybody does end up back in Riverdale, she adds, "as do those big trunks of clothes that Veronica brought. Trunks so big, you could hide a Predator in them. Her Vuitton will never quite smell the same again."

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