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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Promo For Disney XD's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Animated Series

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy includes Will Friedle as Star-Lord, Trevor Devall as Rocket Raccoon, Vanessa Marshall as Gamora, David Sobolov as Drax the Destroyer, Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot, and James Arnold Taylor as Yondu and Cosmo. The show will premiere on September 26th. What do you think about this first look at the series? Will you check it out?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Matt Ryan's CONSTANTINE Is Coming To Season Four Of ARROW????????

IGN caught up with Stephen Amell and Arrow producer Wendy Mericle at Comic-Con this past weekend and asked if there are any plans in place for Matt Ryan's John Constantine to make an appearance on The CW series during season four. "Yeah, we really want to do it," confirmed Mericle. "It's something we've been talking to DC about and it's just a question of some political things, but also the actor's schedule. We're trying to work it out, but we don't know 100 percent if it's going to happen." That's a very positive update, and Amell added: "Fingers crossed," before Mercile finished by stating that "[We're] really optimistic and we would love to have him."

WWE's Superstar Edge Is Playing 'Atom Smasher' In THE FLASH Season 2

It seems this is indeed Atom Smasher. Here's how the CW describes him: "One of the most powerful enemies we encounter this season, Atom Smasher has come to Central City to kill The Flash. His incredible strength and ability to grow to enormous size makes him more than a match for Flash and the entire S.T.A.R. Labs team will have to come together to find a way to defeat him." Source: INSTAGRAM

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Concept Art Features Alternate 'Hulkbusters' And 'Vision'