Friday, September 16, 2011

Television Series Based On Source Code In The Works!

According to the Hollywood Reporter it looks like CBS has hired Mark Gordon and LOST writer Steve Maeda to adapt a television series based on Duncan Jones' Source Code. For those of you that have not seen Source Code it followed a military soldier played by Jake Gyllenhaal who through the help of a top secret program could relive eight minutes of the recent past through another person's body in hopes that he can find details to prevent a future tragedy. Unfortunately it looks like the show will progress without the involvement of director Duncan Jones. Via his Twitter feed he has said "For those asking, I know not a sausage about the Source Code TV show. First time I heard about it was about 20 minutes ago....on Twitter" Good thing is the 'Source" material lends itself well to a television drama. Bad thing is without Duncan Jones' involvement not sure I'm interested. What do you kids think?

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