Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stan Lee Talks About Cameo In Batman movie attended the Las Vegas’ CinemaCon earlier this week and new footage from Marvel's "Thor" was shown but the one scene that got everyone excited was the cameo by longtimeMarvel Comics writer, editor and executive Stan Lee.

In the movie "Thor," Lee plays a truck driver attempting to pull the Norse god’s hammer from the ground with his vehicle.

“Did I do it well? Did I look like a truck driver? Because I’m a method actor. I bought myself a truck and I rehearsed,” Lee joked on Saturday. Lee said he was about to film another cameo, for “Captain America: The First Avenger,” which arrives in theaters on July 22, though he’s unsure who he’ll be playing.

Lee offered up a suggestion on which film he should cameo for next: “I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in Batman? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it.”


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