Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 Toy Fair: Hasbro's Thor Figures & Assortments

2011 Toy Fa2011 ToyComing straight from 2011 Toy Fair is the wide assortment of Thor merchandise from Hasbro.

The release date for Thor merchandise on the shelves will be March 1st with the movie opening on May 6th. Some of the items we will see released for the movie will be:
- Role-Play Thor Hammer with lights and sounds and firing projectile.

- Asgardian Foam Sword, Shield and Dagger, Helmet, and foam Nerf Hammer.

- 3.75" Thor figures. 20 figures for Thor this year! A few examples include:

* Destroyer
* Sif and Loki with Helmet
* Thunder Ax Thor
* Odin and Asgard Attack Thor
* Fandral
* Hogun Volstaag

- Thor Deluxe, Hemidall (Exlusive to the deluxe line), Lightning Fury Thor, Blaster Armor Thor.

- Thor Feature 10" figure.

- SHS 3 packs will continue for Thor, Captain America and Iron Man for 2011.

- Bad new for you comic book readers but no Thor Comic series is planned at this time but we will see concept figures and Thor comic guys down the road.
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