Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Though Ron Perlman will be appearing on the big screen in this Friday's Season of the Witch, fans of the actor are also looking forward to his turn in the Hyborian Age later this year when he plays father to Conan the Barbarian. In an interview with The Examiner, Perlman went into details about the role.
"I play Conan’s father," Perlman said, "There’s big-time sword action. But I’m only in the movie for 10 minutes. I can’t tell everything, but the first sequence is huge. It’s epic. All I can tell you is that I work with the Conan who’s 11 years old. And there’s a jump cut to Conan the adult, and I’m no longer on the scene... I never worked with [Jason] Momoa, who’s the adult Conan. I only worked with this kid [Leo Howard], who’s a phenomenal actor. And he’s like a North American champion of swords since he was 4 years old. He had a black belt [in martial arts] by the time he was 4. He’s a swordsman and he’s mind-boggling. He made me look like a piker."

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