Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Next Batman Film To Be Titled "The Dark Knight Rises" & Riddler Ruled Out For Villain

The LA Times sat down with Batman director Christopher Nolan to ask him some questions about the upcoming 3rd installment in the Dark Knight franchise from DC Comics and Warner Bros. 

In the interview, Nolan reveals the title for the 3rd movie will be "The Dark Knight Rises" and that they plan to resist the 3D craze when making this next film. Another interesting tid-bit from the interview is apparently the villain for this movie will not be Edward Nigma, AKA The Riddler. Apparently Mr. Freeze has also been ruled out as a possible villain for this next film. As to who the villain or villains might be for this next film, only time and I am sure a boatload of rumors will say

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